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Further FLDRA messages 24th June 2016
1. Green bin collection service consultation:
2. Planning:

1.Green bin collection service consultation – Have your say:

Enfield Council has recently commenced a consultation on the proposed options to reduce the green bin collection service, citing budget cuts as a reason. The 12-week consultation process started on Friday 10 June and will finish on Friday 2 September. The internet link to the consultation questionnaire is . The consultation questionnaire is available also at Enfield libraries, John Wilkes House and at the Civic Centre, with hard copies provided where necessary. ​

The two options identified to the current weekly collection service are

“ Option 1 – Free fortnightly combined green bin and food collection service.
The current free green bin service, which includes food collection will continue, but will be fortnightly instead of weekly.

Option 2 – Weekly charged (£60 per year) green bin collection service with a separate free food collection service
Residents who want to continue to have their green bin emptied weekly will be charged £60 per year. We will provide a separate food collection service every week, free of charge, for all properties.”

Option 2 is offered on the basis that residents who do not wish to pay can take their garden waste to the recycling centre or compost it. The free food collection under this option may be limited to the small caddy sized bin.

The 2 options are mutually exclusive, that is, only one of them can be chosen. It is not clear whether the Council proposes to adopt the option that receives the most votes, or whether it will make a decision in some other way. It has stated that “ feedback from this consultation will be a key consideration in arriving at a decision although not the only one."

2. Planning:

The list of Planning Applications and Decisions was not available



No Planning information was available at the time of publishing. It may be that these applications are available in the new Online Planning Register, Public Access. For more information visit the Planning Register page at (This still appears to be a broken link)

or go directly to Public Access at:



FLDRA messages 19 November 2015
1. Message from Metropolitan Police re. Paris:
2. Abbots Waste Depot – Oakleigh Road:
3. Broomfield Park nominated for award:
4. Cycle Enfield – Update on next partnership Board meeting:
5. Talkies Community Cinema – Wednesday 25 November:
6. Woodcroft Wildlife Space:
7. House Plant Sale – Broomfield Conservatory:
8. Pinkham Way Need Your Support:
9. Meridian Water – Community Consultation Events:
10. LBE Open Event – Enfield Register Office:
11. The Enfield Food Festival – 28th & 29th November 2015
Forty Hall Farm, Forty Hall Estate:
12. Check you are registered to vote – if not your name could be removed from the
Register this Friday:
13. Minutes from the recent FERAA meeting:
14. Cycle Enfield – General Update
15. Planning:

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FLDRA messages 15 October 2015
1. The Palmers Scream – Saturday 31st October:
2. Community MarketN13 this Sunday 18th:
3. Broomfield Orchard Apple Day – Sunday 18th October – All Welcome:
4. Proposed Changes to Enfield Local Studies Centre & Archives – URGENT REQUEST:
5. North London Organic Gardening – Meeting 5th November:
6. Winchmore Hill Ward Safer Neighbourhood Newsletter:
7. Southgate Ward Safer Neighbourhood Newsletter:
8. Enfield Civic Trust – Open Meeting – Saturday 17th October:
9. Urgent Message from RAAD (Residents Against Abbots Depot) Barnet:
10. Attempted Mobile Phone Theft – The Mall/Fox Lane:
11. Planning:

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 FLDRA messages 27 August 2015
1. Broomfield Blues – Sunday 30th August:
2. Palmers Green Safer Neighbourhood – Surgeries – Reminder:
3. Cycle Enfield – Forthcoming Meetings – Reminder:
4. Broomfield House model on display:
5. Consultation events on the North London Waste Plan:
6. Enfield in Bloom awards for Broomfield Orchard and other PG delights:
7. Talkies Outdoor Cinema – Friday 4th September:
8. Planning:

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FLDRA messages 30 July 2015
1. Railway Sidings – Fox Lane:
2. Broomfield Orchard & Conservatory – Bugs Life & Chili Sale – Sunday 2nd August:
3. Changes to Chase Farm Hospital Site:
4. Make Comments on the Enfield Council Website:
5. Want to be on the BBC?:
6. Message from Pinkham Way Alliance – The North London Waste Plan:
7. LBE 50th Anniversary – Ruth Winston Centre:
8. Five fraudulent letters to tear up and toss away:
9. Talkies Community Cinema – forthcoming events:
10. Planning:

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 FLDRA messages 19 March 2015
1. Car Wash – 5 Bourne Hill Justice – Friday 13th – Unlucky for Some:
2. Conservation Area Reviews:
3. Illegal Crossovers:
4. Police Appeal for Information after 82-year-old Woman Attacked in Broad Daylight:
5. Park locking petition launched:
6. Abbots Depot Site:
7. Talkies Community Cinema:
8. Planning:

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FLDRA messages 22 January
1. Conservatory – Broomfield Park – Request for Support for Priority Fund Bid:
2. Enfield council’s 2015/16 Budget Consultation Proposals:
3. Waste Recycling Depot Abbots Depot, Oakleigh Road South, Barnet:
4. Wassail 2015 – Message from Broomfield Orchard:
5. Free TV and/or Radio Tickets:
6. Firs farm Needs Your Vote:
7. Friends of Broomfield Park – Open Meeting:
8. Floating Lanterns – Broomfield Park – 8th February:
9. Palmers Green SNT Newsletter January 2015:
10. Planning:

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 Fldra messages 19th June
1. Message from Broomfield Orchard:
2. Enfield Cycle Loan Scheme:
3.North Circular Area Action Plan (NCAAP), Inspector’s Final Report:
4. The Age UK London Opinion Exchange:
5. WORRYING SIGNS – Message from Pinkham Way Alliance:
6. Message from Talkies Cinema:
7. Notification of Appeal Hearings:
8. Planning:

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 Fldra messages 8th May
1. Message from Pinkham Way Alliance:
2. Trees Update:
3. Broomfield Park Garden of Remembrance:
4. Dates for your Diary – OPEN STUDIOS & ART TRAIL:
5. Planning:

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 Fldra messages 3rd April
1. Sad News:
2. Don’t Forget the next General Meeting – 9th April:
3. Talkies Community Cinema – Next Showing 23rd April:
4. Events at The Conservatory, Broomfield Park:
5. Volunteers Wanted:
6. Palmers Green Festival – 7th September 2014:
7. North London Waste Plan:
8. Local History Walk – Palmers Green – Sunday 6 April – 2pm:
9. Forthcoming M25 Closure Details:
10. Planning:

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