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Dear Resident- Beware – Bogus Builders in this area:

We are asking you to be increasingly vigilant at the moment. Palmers Green SNT has had 2 reports of bogus builders.

These suspects are driving around in a small white Van, registration unknown. They are described as 2 White males with either an Irish or Scottish accent. They are approximately 35 – 45 years old, short brown hair, 1 male of slim build another slightly tubby.

They are approaching people and knocking on doors informing residents they are working on the house next door, they will even get you to look up at the roof from the street. They say they need to look in the loft for damp. They are going in the loft and coming down informing residents that there is damp in the loft and they need £3500 – £4200 pounds in cash to rectify the problem. They can wait for you to go the bank upon taking a smaller deposit there and then. If you give them the money they will then pone you up demanding more money from you over the phone, and will not carry out any work.

If anyone comes to your address asking to look into your roof for any sort of problems the Police advise is to say No. DO NOT let them into your house and inform them that you will get a builder yourself to look into the problem someone you know and trust. They will try and persuade you against this and may become argumentative and if they do become threatening towards you and you are concerned inform them you will call the police and shut the door on them. If at anytime you are scared for your safety call 999. This should only be in emergencies, if you feel scared for your safety, if they argue and then go please still inform the local SNT on 8721 2835 so we can try and catch these people.

Yours sincerely – Pc Jenny Martin 333YE,Palmers Green Safer Neighbourhoods Team

Please advise any neighbours, particularly the elderly, about this.


An email entitled “Population Census: a message to everyone – act now” is being circulated, allegedly in the name of National Statistician, Jil Matheson.

This email demands individuals provide further personal information, supposedly for the Census and threatens fines for non-compliance.

This email is a scam and a hoax.

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After 25 attempts to perpetrate this scam across the borough in the last two weeks, Bromley Police are reissuing their warning about a scam in which fraudsters try to access people’s bank cards.

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Trading Standards Institute is urging consumers to be aware of rogue telephone, cold callers offering energy saving devices after branches up and down the country reported hundreds of complaints.

The Institute is currently dealing with more than 200 complaints about calls from people claiming to be the person’s energy supplier, or working in partnership with them, offering a plug-in device that they say can save 40 per cent on energy bills.

Trading Standards have tested a number of these items, which not only failed to satisfy electrical safety standards but did not deliver any tangible energy savings.

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