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Two of the jewels in the crown in Broomfield Park, the Greenery café and the Conservatory were

broken in to on the night of 17/18 February. Both of these are run on a non-profit making basis by

teams of volunteers.

The Greenery suffered the most damage. A tree trunk seat was thrown through one window and

another window was broken, probably as an easier exit route. The tree trunk was thrown through

with enough force to break the metal security bars on the inside of the window. The trunk can be

seen on top of the cooker. The photo also shows the mess created inside, so it was probably too

early to say what might have been stolen, but project leader Sarah Cotton says that this will not

daunt the volunteers and that they will be up and running at the weekend as usual.



Damage to the Conservatory was less, but a broken window and its frame will now need to be replaced. Neither of these groups keep money in their buildings overnight.

Needless to say, should anyone know anything about these incidents, the police will want to know. Contact Southgate Green police on 020 8721 2680.

Otherwise the best thing that anyone can do is to support these two voluntary groups which can be contacted via



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The national, police non-emergency telephone number ‘101’ has now been adopted by every police force in England and Wales. It provides the public with one easy to remember number for contacting local police wherever they are in the country. While 999 is a well-recognised number used to report emergencies, the 2010 British Crime Survey found only 54% of the public know how to contact their local police if they want to talk to them about policing, crime or anti-social behaviour.

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