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FLDRA Messages 30 April 2017

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FLDRA Messages 28 February 2017

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Fldra messages 7th January 2017

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Fldra messages 22nd December 2016
5. Planning:

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FLDRA messages 15th July 2016
1. Cycle Enfield A105 Statutory Consultation – closing date 29th July:
2. Green Belt Forum-Agenda for meeting on Tuesday 19 July 2016:
3. Planning:

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Further to recent postings on our website with regard to the Cycle Enfield proposals we have been receiving a range of comments for and against the scheme.

Unfortunately the very nature of the scheme and the way it has been handled by the Council has, in many cases, polarised opinion and turned it into a very divisive issue  with  either ‘for’ or ‘against’ camps with little leeway for anything in between.

As a Committee, representing the Association, we decided not to hold a referendum of members, but to register some of our concerns to the original proposals. We decided to leave it to members to respond individually to the consultation.

At the end of our paper noting concerns we stated:

In addition to the above, as an Association we should point out that we are very much in favour of supporting an increase in SAFE cycling in Enfield. The issue is one of what is practical and which does not contradict the other strategic objectives of supporting and enabling all use of Enfield’s amenities and delivering a thriving economy.

We should be making cycling open to all, as in Denmark, Germany etc., however, it should also be fair to all, including, and especially, pedestrians and public transport users.”

At no time did we say or have we said that we were for or against the proposals.

The Committee felt that had we had a referendum, and based upon experience of other consultations, it would have been a minority of members who would have responded, and the majority result of those responses would force the Association into the for or against camp.

What we have done is publish, where possible, details of what is happening and of papers etc. that are, or have been, submitted. We have not made any particular judgements on the content of some of those papers.

As with most residents, we recognise the benefits, both health and economic, of a reduction in the levels of car usage and the promotion of cycling for all ages. However, we do feel that this should not be to the detriment of pedestrians and public transport users.

We intend to continue to provide members with details of the latest proposals etc for Cycle Enfield as and when we can.

Andy Barker

Acting Chair – FLDRA (on behalf of FLDRA Committee)

31st January 2016

Please be aware that Cycle Enfield A105 is on the agenda for decision at the Cabinet Meeting on 10th February at 8.15pm

FLDRA messages 4 February 2016
2. Message from Andy Barker:
3. Talkies Community Cinema – February Events::
4. Joe Studmans’ Forthcoming Walks:
5.Friends of Broomfield Park – Open Meeting – 8th February – 7.30pm:
6. Enfield in Bloom Needs Your Help!:
7. Enfield Croquet Club:
8. ‘SPIRALS OF LIFE’ in the Conservatory:
9. Winchmore Folk Dance Club:
10. Cycle Enfield – FLDRA Response to Further Proposals:
11. Planning:

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FLDRA messages 31 January 2016


1. FLDRA Annual Report for 2015 – to be presented at the AGM on 3rd February:

Report on Fox Lane & District Residents’ Association Business in 2015

Delivered at the AGM on 3rd February 2016

The Acting Chairman, Andy Barker, noted as follows:

2015 was another busy year for Committee members and other members of the Association. The following are some of the main issues that arose during the year and give an indication of the amount of work we carry out as an Association.

  1. Committee:

At the AGM of last year the Chairman indicated that he was looking to stand down from the post of Chair and from the Committee. However, as no one came forward as a replacement he was prepared to act as Acting Chair until such times as a replacement was found. All of the rest of the then current officers, Committee members and Accounts Checker, were re-elected, and Paul Mandel agreed to join the Committee. However, during the year Gonul Daniels advised that she would have to stand down from the Committee, we were fortunate to gain a new member later in the year when Lia Dover agreed to join. .

This still left a Committee of only ten as opposed to the Constitutional allowance of 12. At times throughout the year it did prove difficult to cover attendance at meetings etc. and therefore to be able to provide a full and effective service for members.

Yet again I make a plea for further volunteers to join the Committee to ensure that we can maintain a full service to all our members.

  1. AGM 2015:

At the AGM, It was decided that we should retain the two priorities from the previous year, with some slight amendments. Those priorities now read:

Priority 1. – To continue to encourage better provision for primary education, and to consider the future needs for additional secondary school places, in the area, and to campaign as necessary for Grovelands and/or the Minchenden site to remain as priorities for educational purposes and not be considered for housing or other development.

Carried by unanimous vote

Priority 2. – Once the housing development is completed by Sherrygreen Homes at the bottom of Fox Lane, to press the Council for action to make the road safer at the railway bridge and to seek upgrading of the pedestrian footbridge to the west side of Fox lane at that point.

Carried by unanimous vote.

 3. Planning Applications, Decisions & Ongoing Issues, Enforcement:

 a). Planning:

We do not now maintain total numbers of applications and decisions made during the year; however details of applications that the Association have been involved with are noted as follows:

Aldermans Hill, N13 – No.92: Planning application for use of footpath involving 4 tables, 16 chairs and one large bench made 29 July 2015. Objection letter issued 7 Sept 2015. Application still under consideration at January 2016  Original intent to leave bench out overnight.
Street trading licence granted on 22 September 2015, permitting up to 20 chairs, 6 tables and 1 bench outside this premises, between 8am and 9pm. There is no right to object to such a licence, but this use is now dependent on outcome of the planning application.

Application for premises licence – objection letter issued 7 Sept 2015. Licence hearing 21 Oct 2015. Our objections resulted in condition that all outside seating to be removed by 8pm, and application for bench being withdrawn from the premises licence application.

Aldermans Hill N13 – Turret Court – 110-112: this long winded affair culminated in a Planning Inspectorate Inquiry, held on the 19th August 2014, which we, with others, participated in. After waiting a long time for a decision to be announced, we discovered that the actual decision had been made on the 29th August 2014. Neither ourselves, nor other participants at the Inquiry having been advised. Following further prolonged discussions with the Council and meetings with Council Officers, various further works were carried out to the property to comply with requirements. No further action was then considered necessary. although full compliance with required works was never completely carried out

Amberley Road, N13 – 44-48: work on this over large extension to a care home, granted in August 2009, finally started during 2013, just within the then five year expiration date. Works continued throughout 2014 and 2015 are yet to be completed.

Bourne Hill, N13 – No.4: application to convert existing property to provide 10 flats, involving 2xstorey rear extension and extension to roof to form a mansard roof with dormer windows to all sides. We submitted objections, with others. Application refused 8th May 2015

Bourne Hill, N13 – No.5: application August 2014 for change of use from a storage yard to hand car wash. We objected, as did many others. Application refused 2nd September 014. Despite this, applicant set up and operated car wash on site. Temporary Stop Notice issued September 2014. Applicant continued to operate on site. Legal action processed. In the meantime applicant submitted appeal. We submitted further objections. Appeal refused 27th February 2015. Applicant fined £5000 plus £6,500 costs for breaches of Stop Notices. Further application made June 2015, to which we again objected, refused by Council 6th August 2015.

Fox lane 149 – (Land Adjacent to 2 The Mall): application for redevelopment of site by erection of a two storey 3-bedroom dwelling involving demolition of existing garages. We submitted objections to this application (which is essentially backland development of the garden of No.149 Fox Lane), along with many other residents. Application due to be heard at Planning Committee 4th February 2015. Application allowed 12th February 2015. Works yet to commence.

Greenway, N14 – No.10: application for first floor side extension. We submitted objections, with others. Application withdrawn 27th April 2015.

Greenway, N14 – No.28 – (Meadway Conservation Area): with others we lodged an objection against an application in late 2012 for  a part single, part two-storey extension and first floor side extension – this was withdrawn in February 2013. A further application was then made, with some amendments, but again for a part single, part two-storey extension, and again, with others we lodged an objection. This application twice went to Planning Committee, with speakers against, but was finally granted on the 20th June 2013.

Subsequent to the above, a further application was made. Following further objections, this was refused on the 26th September.

A further application was made in January 2014 to include roof lights and new fencing. Following objections, this was refused in March 2014.

Enforcement Notice issued against the unauthorised erection of front boundary wall. Appeal submitted. Awaiting outcome.

Lakeside Road, N13 – No.11: Application for removal of mature tree outside no. 11 to facilitate parking on front drive.

As our aims are to try and save trees wherever possible and feasible, especially mature trees, we have urged that this application be refused. 11.11.15 notified by Enfield Council that application refused 22.10.15

Parkway, N14 – No. 20 – application for part single, part 2x storey  side extension involving integral garage & part single, part 2-storey rear extension and rear dormer. We objected, with others 12 July 2015. Still pending consideration at 31.12.15.

St Georges Rd, N13 – No.2A – 1 Lady Shaw Court: this was an application to fell a large, mature oak tree, which has been on this site for for probably well over 100 years because it was thought to be damaging one of the garages, built when the flats were erected in the early 1980’s. With many of the residents of the flats, and other residents, we lodged a strong objection against the application, which was refused by the Council on 12th June 2013.

The applicant subsequently appealed, the Planning Inspectorate hearing, at which we participated, was held on 5th March 2014 and the appeal was dismissed by the Planning Inspector on 23 April 2014.

Further application made for works to oak tree covered by LBE Order No.98 – sever roots. Council Trees Officer advised that permission would be granted – granted 24.06.15 – condition that “Work to be undertaken with good arboricultural practice & British Standards”

St Georges Road, N13 – No.5A: another long-standing planning issue relating to problems with an exterior spiral staircase to the first floor flat. We were involved in arranging a meeting with occupants and Council Officers to try to bring this issue to an acceptable conclusion. The Council issued a Discontinuance Order at the end of 2013, all actions led to a Planning Inspectorate Inquiry initially to be held on 7th October, then, following further problems, deferred to the 9th December. We participated at that Inquiry. Inspector’s decision that Order be confirmedwith modifications. Works still to be carried out.

b). Enforcement:

Derwent Road, N13 – No.2:  following on from the resolution passed at the 2013 AGM, we acted with a resident of Derwent Road to meet with Council Officers to try and deal with issues at a hostel in Derwent following complaints of anti-social behaviour and drug dealing. Despite the installation of CCTV at the property and a street camera in position for a while nearby, the problems continued without any specific results. Problems continued until in October 2014 one of the main troublemakers was evicted. issues settled for a while, however problems have again arisen and actions are in progress with ourselves, the Council, Councillors, the Police and the Company that runs the hostel. Problems continued and following further meetings, all residents now evicted from property and decisions to be confirmed on its future.

Ulleswater Road, N14 – No.58: application  for reardormer and rooflights to side and rear granted in June 2013. Property shown as two flats. Reports in May 2014 indicated that workds being carried out on site included the installation of three new doorbells. Enfield enforcement  checked in July 2014 and established that a 3rd kitchen had been installed in the loft area. Enfield advised that they had requested removal of buzzer and kitchen area in the loft within 28 days. Council advised met with owner regarding breaches of planning control and confirmed no longer breaches of planning control

Not only may we object to applications in writing, but where necessary speak against them at Planning Committee. Almost every week we also issue planning lists affecting applications in our area. These are noted on our website so, if you haven’t already done so, I would urge you to go on to the website and ‘sign up’ to receive communications from us, because there may well be planning applications submitted that will affect you, but that you might not be aware of. The Council does not advise everyone about applications potentially affecting them.

I would also urge people, if they so feel, to object to applications individually, not just assume that the Association will object. The more individual objections there are to applications, the more effective they can be. It has been noticeable, with some large applications, that the actual numbers of individual objections have been quite low.

  1. Local Scene:

Cycle Enfield: a contentious and ongoing issue throughout the year and continuing, the proposals affecting our area directly were for the A105 and Green Lanes. Rather than run a consultation of members about the proposals we decided that we would, as a Committee, register some of the concerns we had with the proposals as they were, and leave it to individual members to respond to Enfield Council’s ‘official’ consultation.

Our concerns were registered through FERAA (Federation of Enfield Residents & Allied Associations) as below:

Cycle Enfield – FLDRA Issues of Concern:
(not in any particular order of priority)


  • Bus passengers are disproportionately amongst the most vulnerable in our community. In practice passengers waiting could well do so in the cycle lane, making an additional focus of conflict between passengers and cyclists. At other bus stops passengers will have a narrow island to wait on before or after crossing cycle lane.
  • Safety concerns due to bus passengers either being forced to board and alight straight from or onto the cycle lane, or having to cross the cycle lane.
  • Removal of northbound bus stop near Fox pub means pedestrians (including elderly in Skinners Court) having to walk a lot further from their home to the nearest bus stop.


  • Removal of all the ‘refuges ‘ along Green Lanes will make it much harder for pedestrians to cross the road and only really safe at traffic controlled crossings. A zebra crossing on a busy street like Green Lanes could well be difficult to use especially for the elderly and families with buggies and some crossings appear to allow cyclists to continue using the cycle lanes which could cause confusion.
  • The safety and welfare of pedestrians of all ages and abilities appears to be of little concern. Rather than being treated as equals they are being penalised.


  • It is important that the Triangle is kept as the historic centre of Palmers Green with its historic signpost and new clock and benches so shoppers have somewhere to sit down/meet.
  • Space should be available for a stall so that community groups can leaflet/approach local residents as they do at present.
  • Trees and shrubs/planters need to be planted to make it a more attractive green space and more like it was before the tree and planters were removed.
  • All surveys and consultations carried out in the past few years have indicated very strong feelings that the Triangle must be retained.


  • The impact on traffic flows, particularly buses and the ability to use shops with short stay local parking are seen as key issues.
  • The Narrow roadway allowing for 1.8m cycle lanes on each side of the road leaves a narrow roadway which may provide difficulties with large vehicles, including emergency vehicles, and could well contribute to accidents as there is little room for driver error.
  • Most of the narrowed Green Lanes will in effect, if not strict legal form, become a red route with the loss of on street parking. This could cause severe difficulty for residents on the A105, with regard to deliveries and collections, dial-a-ride, removals, refuse collection etc.
  • More evidence is needed that less on street parking in Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill Broadway will not inconvenience shoppers and hurt retailers.


  • Increased pollution – increased congestion could result from traffic queuing behind buses at bus stops and other vehicles that have to stop in the roadway, leading to higher levels of pollution. If more vehicles start using side streets this will not be acceptable to local residents who want, and indeed are in the process of ‘Quieter Neighbourhoods’ consultation.
  • Side roads – could well experience more problems with parking, congestion and worsened air quality as a result of traffic displacement.
  • Journey Times – potentially longer and less predictable journey times between Palmers Green and Enfield, for all road users except cyclists who represent less than 1% of journeys made in the Borough.
  • Closures – points of ingress and egress from numerous access roads, will be changed or closed. This will increase further travel time and distance to destination and further distress householders living both on and off the main road.
  • Cycling Volumes – how confident can we be that there will be major increases in cycle use? If it is not hugely significant we will be seeing an unbalanced and unjustified change.

In addition to the above, as an Association we should point out that we are very much in favour of supporting an increase in SAFE cycling in Enfield. The issue is one of what is practical and which does not contradict the other strategic objectives of supporting and enabling all use of Enfield’s amenities and delivering a thriving economy.

We should be making cycling open to all, as in Denmark, Germany etc., however, it should also be fair to all, including, and especially, pedestrians and public transport users.


Quieter Neighbourhoods: as part of the successful mini-Holland (Cycle Enfield) bid made by the Council,  our Association area was selected as one of the six pilot areas for Quieter neighbourhoods we held an open meeting in November2014 to discuss the proposals prior to the issue of consultation forms.

Meetings of representatives of local roads and Council Officers were held to discuss proposals following a consultation exercise, but then nothing moved for some time until November when we were advised by Council officers as follows:

“We have compiled a provisional programme for restarting the Quieter Neighbourhood Design Workshops, which currently indicates that we should look to restart the workshops for the Fox Lane area in January 2017. This programme is however, subject to change depending on the outcome and progress of the Green Lanes Cycle Enfield scheme.”

Local Groups:

We try and support many local groups and organisations where we can, giving them publicity and providing updates on their activities via our website. Groups such as South West Enfield Action Team (SWEAT), Broomfield Community Orchard, Friends of Conway Rec., Lakes Estate Conservation Group, Friends of Broomfield Park, Broomfield House, Palmers Green Community, Broomfield Park Conservatory, Talkies Cinema.

Palmers Green Community Market:

The Market has once again arisen from the ashes, and now operates once a month – Sundays 10am to 3pm – at the front of the Jobcentre. Please try to get along to support the stallholders and to keep the Market going.

Broomfield Park:

Where possible we publicise and try to support events in Broomfield Park.  It was a very busy year for the Friends in 2015,

Events during the year included:

  • Conservatory– there have been a series of plant sales, workshops and musical events held on Sunday afternoons in the Spring and Summer that were well attended. At the end of September work was completed on installing new gates, a low wall and railings in front of the Conservatory replacing the ‘temporary’ metal fence. The gates and railings were recycled from those that used to enclose the Palmers Green Triangle toilets and the work was paid for by grants from the Enfield Society and the Enfield Residents Priority Fund.
  • Greenery Café – new permanent wooden tables and benches were bought at the beginning of the year. The Greenery celebrated its first year of successful trading in June and as a community, non-profit making enterprise has provided funds for both the Conservatory and the Orchard in the park.
  • Remembrance Garden– the main event was the annual Remembrance Day service held on November 11 where children from Hazelwood School sang a medley of WW1 songs and from Bowes and Broomfield School read out war poems and gave accounts of local people who fought in WW1. In April a commemorative service was held for the centenary of Gallipoli and in September the RAF held a service for the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.
  • Proms in the park –a new series of musical concerts organised by the Friends and held at the bandstand on Sunday afternoons in July attracted many visitors.
  • Broomfield Blues – a series of blues music afternoons on every Sunday in August, held in the bandstand, and again very popular
  • Palmers Green Festival – another very successful event held on 6th September and helped by good weather on the day.
  • Palmers Scream – a new Halloween event for families held on 31st October involving dressing up, storytelling, dancing etc which proved to be very popular.
  • Talkies in the park – the first showing of a Talkies film (Ghostbusters) took place outside on the bowling green on the evening of September 4th.It was a great success with over 400 people attending and the Friends provided refreshments.
  • Bird board – a new bird identification board compiled by the Friends with historical information about the lakes in the park was installed in September near the middle lake.
  • Locking park gates– after representations from Friends of parks groups and the public Enfield Council took the decision to reverse their plans to leave parks open all night and have continued to lock the park gates at dusk. The parks’ assets and the safety of residents were accepted as more important than a small financial saving.

Broomfield Community Orchard – events included Blossom Day, Bee Fun Day, Love Parks Week, visit from Hazelwood School, Summer Picnic, Apple Day, Edible Gardens Open Day and Wassailing Day. Ralph Hutchings produced bespoke bug hotels and bird feeders and Anne Hutchings lino prints. Plans are in place for the digging of the new wildlife pond next to the Community Growing Space, and also for planting of more ‘whips’ native hedgerow along Aldermans Hill & Powys Lane.

Many of the events in the park are often organised by a small number of people, who work extremely hard, with great success, as was proved by the numbers of attendees at both the Festival and the palmers Scream. If you are ever able to lend a hand at any time they would be extremely grateful.

Lakes Estate Conservation Area Study Group (LCASG) (Friends of the Lakes Conservation Area): – As predicted in the last annual report the revised Lakes Estate Conservation Area Appraisal was finalised in June 2015. This document is the yardstick by which the Lakes conservation group and the Enfield Conservation Advisory Group make comments on planning applications. This also guides Enfield planners, and should it come to an appeal is used by the Planning Inspectorate.  Anyone contemplating work on parts of their property visible from the public domain would find it helpful to read this before applying for the planning permission needed for changes in the Conservation Area.

As a group we have decided to retitle ourselves “Friends of the Lakes Estate Conservation Area” instead of the standard conservation area  title “  …Conservation Area Study Group”. We think that this is more representative of our approach – which is practical not academic.

We also produced a leaflet explaining who we are and what we do, which was kindly funded, printed and distributed widely in the Conservation Area by Tony Ourris of Anthony Webb estate agents.

There have been some very welcome improvements to a number of properties which have reinstated original features, so helping both the character of the area as a whole and no doubt their “kerb appeal”.

Unfortunately, there continues to be work done without planning permission, and as a result enforcement action has been carried out in a number of cases to redo the work at the cost of the owners.

There has been a controversial application for the Starfish and Coffee establishment at the corner of Lakeside Road and Aldermans Hill. The conservation issue is the use of the public pavement for a number of tables and chairs. At the time of writing this has not been decided. NB the various licensing issues were not a matter for the conservation group.

There were two associated appeal case which went to the Planning Inspectorate and which were decided, and resulted in the conversion of 8 and 10 Ulleswater Road in to 6 units in each being rejected. In both cases corrective work was to be completed in three months from November. There is currently one appeal under consideration about a rejected application for loft conversion work at 81a Derwent Road. The issues from a conservation point of view are whether a hip to gable extension and front facing rooflight are acceptable, we think they aren’t.

LCASG are still looking for residents to join the group; see website:

Broomfield House:

During the last year the Broomfield House Trust and Friends of Broomfield Park have been working with Enfield Council and Historic England on the Broomfield House Project Board chaired by Councillor Bambos Charalambous. This has been exploring a way ahead for Broomfield House and Park potentially leading to a bid for funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund for an Enterprise Grant.

A team of consultants have carried out a major set of surveys and studies which has produced a wealth of up to date data on all aspects of the House, Stableyard and Park. This Conservation Management Plan is still in late draft, but a short summary of it was made available on line to inform the first phase of public consultation, which closed on 30 November. The Trust and Friends were unhappy with the way that the consultation was framed, but were encouraged by the outcome.

There was a fairly even split between those who supported the idea of a “community hub” and those who favoured use as a heritage, arts and cultural centre. There may not be much real difference between these two, which were supported by over 70% of respondents. The next group who supported commercial development totalled less than 10%, but in practice some degree of “commercial” activity is likely to be necessary in any outcome. How this is viewed might depend on how “commercial” is defined. Is a café “commercial” and to be opposed, or if part of a community hub or an arts centre solution to be supported?

The studies make a number of recommendations about how the park, particularly the Baroque water gardens, might be restored, but this is a longer term issue.

A number of options are currently being looked at for a further round of public consultation, which will probably begin around Easter. It seems likely that the Stableyard will be included in the options for the House, which has always been a favoured position. As always the tension will be between the objectives to maximise public/community use and the need to generate capital for rebuilding and cover any running costs.

If none of the options are judged to be practical, and funding fail to cover capital and running costs then very regrettably demolition may be unavoidable.

(Keep in touch through


The following is an update on the Education in the Southgate and Southgate Green areas during the past year. The area covered by FLDRA has a well known issue where children have difficulty in gaining admission to their closest primary school.

Ashmole Academy formed a multi-academy trust and is creating a primary school on their site in Southgate. The primary school is due to open n September 2016 with 2 form entry providing 60 places. Applications for places are made directly to Ashmole Academy Trust.

The opening of Bowes Southgate Green provided 60 school places for children in 2015 and 30 places in the previous year in a temporary location at Broomfield School. FLDRA will continue to press the Council and Councillors for a permanent location for this school.

No official information was received regarding the feasibility of the Grovelands site. Enfield Council had earmarked Grovelands as the permanent location for Bowes Southgate Green primary School. Unofficially it has been said that English Heritage has rejected Enfield’s proposals for a school on the site. FLDRA will continue to press the Council and Councillors for information.

There was no further information on any proposals for the Walker School buildings development

No official information was forthcoming; however it may be that the local authority are investigating the purchase of the Minchenden site that is currently a SEN school. The Authority currently leases the site.

Work has continued on the expansion of Garfield School.

Enfield Residents Priority Fund (ERPF):

The ERPF was discontinued in 2015.


Still a contentious issue for many residents. The cyclical pruning programme has been extended due to financial constraints. However, this may be a short term gain, but a long term loss, because the previous programme was going a long way to minimising the numbers of trees that had to be removed due to subsidence and insurance claims. With a longer programme it could well mean that there will eventually be more claims against the Council.

There is a budget for replacement planting, but reductions in that budget will impact upon the number of replacement trees that can be considered.

As an Association We continue to work to try and save as many endangered trees as possible or, at the least, get a replacement.

  1. Membership:

At the end of the year membership stood at 470 households, down considerably from the previous year because we decided to remove all members who had not paid for at least two years, despite several reminders being posted.

Despite our many urgings, we still have a large number of members who have yet to bring their subscriptions up to date and/or amend their Standing Orders. So the true figure of members is still somewhat lower.

Members can pay either by sending a cheque to the Membership Secretary, by setting up a Standing Order, or by on-line payment using Paypal on our website. Can I please ask that those affected do this as soon as possible. We need the funding to be able to ensure that we can maintain a ‘full service’ to members.

I would also urge all members to speak to their neighbours, particularly if new residents, and persuade them to join. The subscription rate is only £5 per year.

As Chairman, I would particularly like to thank those members who have made further donations to the Association in addition to paying their subscriptions

  1. Website:

The site has continued to enjoy success with almost 16,000 views, and 424 pictures posted, in 2015, a slight increase on the previous year.

We use the site to provide weekly messages and also to get urgent messages to our members as quickly as possible, including those from the Police or the Council.

We no longer issue messages to members via direct e-mail, so it is vital that you sign up to the website in order to continue to receive information.

The Paypal account, established to allow members to pay their subscriptions on line, is gradually being used by more and more members.

We would appreciate any photos of the area from members – both good and bad – to publish on the site.

If there are any particular items you would like included on the site please let us know.

  1. Notices:

We issue at least six hard copy Notices a year, prior to General Meetings. We do issue some by e-mail, and if you would prefer this method, please let us know, however we use hard copy because we still have a number of members who do not have, or utilise, IT access. The Notices provide up to date progress reports on current issues to all our members regardless of whether they attend our meetings or not.

I would like to express my gratitude to those members who have volunteered to take on the task of distributing the Notices.

  1. FERAA/Ward Forums:

Committee members continued to attend meetings of FERAA (Federation of Enfield Residents and Allied Associations) and the newly constituted Ward Forums set up to develop the partnership between the community and the Council. Any issues affecting, or of interest to, the Association have been progressed as necessary.

The Ward Forums appear to be working to a certain extent, dependent upon the commitment of the Councillors involved. It is noticeable however that the ‘audiences’ have changed little from those at Area Forums. It would be nice to see a few more people attending and getting involved.

  1. Community Action Partnership for Enfield (CAPE):

Committee members also attended CAPE (Community Action Partnership for Enfield) meetings for Winchmore Hill, Palmers Green and Southgate Green Wards involving the Local Police, Councillors, Council Officers and local Trade and Residents’ Association representatives.

We have had difficulty ascertaining when Southgate Ward CAPE’s are arranged, however we will keep trying.

The CAPE’s are part of a valuable liaison process and can be attended by anyone representing local residents or businesses

  1. Social Events:

We held a successful summer social for our members in June and, following previous year’s success, ended the year with a very enjoyable Christmas Quiz and Charity Auction. Attendance at the quiz was up on last year and the magnificent sum of £340 was raised on the Charity Auction, all of which was donated to The North London Hospice.

As Chairman, I would like to thank all the Committee members and particularly helpers for their work in making that event the success it was; and also, obviously, those who attended and generously contributed to the raffle and the Charity Auction. I would also like to thank those local businesses that donated Auction items.

  1. General Meetings:

In addition to the AGM, the Summer Social and the Christmas Quiz, we also held three other general meetings during the year at which, other than dealing with Association business, we also invited speakers. Attendance at such meetings is usually around 40 to 50 members, not fully representative of total membership, but we thank them for coming along.

The speakers at these meetings were all extremely good and well received by members, they included:

  • David March and Ivor Evans gave an illustrated talk about the proposed Growing Space and Wildlife Pond to be built in Broomfield Park.
  • Joe Studman gave a talk on Local History & Guided Walks in the Area
  • Sue Younger gave a presentation on ‘History of the Triangle’ with archive photos.
  • Mick Carman gave an illustrated presentation on ’42 Years at London Zoo’
  • Christine Collins gave an illustrated presentation entitled ‘On Safari and Me’.

Our thanks to all speakers for their input, and with their patience with some of the questions asked.

  1. Neighbourhood Watch:

Neighbourhood Watch in our area no longer exists. It was recognised that the area covered was too large and that the information produced by the Neighbourhood Watch was usually way out of date by the time residents got to see it.

The Police agree that the most effective N.Watch is one of no more than a couple of streets, where residents can have a more local input. They have stated that they are perfectly willing to come along and talk to and give advice to any residents who are interested in setting up a Neighbourhood Watch in their street.

Despite much prompting, Lakeside Road is the only area where a Neighbourhood Watch has been established so far.

  1. Safer Neighbourhoods:

Whilst Police attend the CAPE meetings, it is often difficult, because of the financial cuts, to get representatives along to other meetings. They do produce Ward Newsletters however, which we publish on our website.

It has now become quite a rarity to see Police Officers patrolling the streets.

Most people agree that the new set up does not appear to give the Police officers as much time to be ‘visible’ on their areas and that Sergeants are rarely seen. Whilst crime figures are reported as reducing, there still remains an amount of scepticism, the feeling being that many people are now not bothering to report minor crimes as they feel that nothing will be done.

We should point out that we do not in any way blame the local Police officers, the blame lies with those higher up who came up with this revised operation and the seemingly over-riding  importance they place on statistics above all else.

Roadwatch – Unfortunately, again, no exercises took place at all during the year because of Police unavailability. We have been advised that it is unlikely that any will take place in the future because of the Police staffing and financial shortages.

  1. Other Issues:

Trades people:

We continue to maintain the list of recommended trades people.  We would stress that these are people who have carried out satisfactory work for our members and are recommended by them.  However we do not, and cannot, guarantee their work. The Association is not responsible for any disputes, financial or otherwise. Where work is advised to us as being unsatisfactory, that tradesperson will be removed from the list.

The list is also now available, in a slightly reduced format, but with all the necessary information, on our website.


It’s good to see that some of the local councillors attempt to get along to our meetings when they can. I realise that sometimes our meetings clash with the full Council meetings, however their attendance at meetings serves to keep them in touch with issues raised, they are able to answer questions, provide feedback to FLDRA members and, in theory, represent our members’ views at Council meetings. We therefore look to them to provide continued input and support.

Looking ahead to 2016, this will be an equally busy year for the Association.  We work hard to try and maintain the character and amenities of not only the immediate area but in conjunction with other Associations, of adjoining areas, and indeed at times the Borough as a whole

As an Association we look to members to keep us advised of any issues that arise and where we can have considered input. Obviously we are only as strong as our membership allows, therefore it is important that we attract as many members as possible. Please speak to new residents, or neighbours, and urge them to join the Association.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for their contributions throughout the year and look forward to a successful year to come.

Andy Barker – Acting Chair – FLDRA – February 2016


2.Cycle Enfield – Presentation Papers from partnership Board Meeting – 21st January 2016:

Notes of Partnership Board Meeting (Enfield West) 21.01.2016

Consultation Overview Presentation 21.01.2016

Traffic Modelling & Parking Presentation 21.01.2016

Economic Impact Assessment Presentation 21.01.2016

Air Quality Modelling Presentation 21.01.2016



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