Minutes are published for each of our meetings, an archive of minutes can be found on the Communications/Minutes menu item.

Planning Applications and Decisions

Archives of planning applications and decisions can be found on the Communications/Planning menu item.

The application forms, plans and supporting information are available for inspection at Environment Direct, 1st Floor, Civic Centre, Enfield between the hours of 08.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday. Please note that this is a list of applications published for consultation purposes and is not based on the date of registration. You should also note that application proposals and level of decision can change and you are advised to check with the relevant case officer, or our website, for the latest information (http://www.enfield.gov.uk/608/Online planning register.htm).

Note that in the event of an appeal against a refusal of planning permission for a householder application registered from 6th April 2009, which is to be dealt with on the basis of representations in writing, any representations made about this application will be sent to the Secretary of State, and there will be no further opportunity to comment at appeal stage.