FLDRA messages 11 February 2016
1. Palmers Green Community Market:
2. Talkies Community Cinema – February Events:
3. Joe Studmans’ Forthcoming Walks:
4. Enfield in Bloom Needs Your Help!
5. Enfield Croquet Club:
7. Poets take up residency in the Library:
8. Palmers Green Station to lose its ticket office?
9. Winchmore Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team Newsletter:
10. Wren Academy at Enfield Proposal Moves Ahead:
11. Planning:

1. Palmers Green Community Market:


The MarketN13 flags have often graced the top of the weekly newsletter, but this week they’re flying at half mast, after it was announced that the Sunday market next to Palmers Green Station had ceased trading.

Annita Correia and Linda Slack worked their socks off restarting the community market and trying to keep it alive, but were eventually defeated, partly by an unfortunate run of cold and wet Sundays, but mainly because not enough local people seem interested in having an alternative to the supermarket chains.

Fortunately, we don’t have to travel very far to the Sidings market (Sunday mornings next to Winchmore Hill station) or the three-monthly Myddleton Road market (near Bowes Park station).  Next month a new Sunday market will be starting a Tottenham Green.  And, of course, the centuries old traditional market in Enfield Town has recently been relaunched and has some more exotic traders alongside the familiar greengrocers and clothes sellers.  Myddleton Road and Enfield Town have both won awards.  But that’s no reason for complacency – use them or lose them.

A final word from Linda:  “We’re sorry it hasn’t worked out, and we’d like to thank all those who gave their support, and thank the traders who stayed with us in the wind, rain and snow for sometimes very low return.”

 We thank  both Annita and Linda for all their hard work, for what they tried to do for Palmers Green, and wish them both the very best for the future.


2. Talkies Community Cinema – February Events:





3. Joe Studmans’ Forthcoming Walks:



Saturday 13th February 2016. Meet Embankment Station (Villiers Street exit) 11am

Hear about the grand palaces that lined The Strand and their later developments.



A series of monthly talks at Jubilee Hall looking at some of the topics from Enfield’s history. More details soon.

Any questions feel free to phone, text or email me.

Best wishes and thanks for your continued interest – Joe – 0787 553 7295.


4. Enfield in Bloom Needs Your Help!

The Committee of Enfield in Bloom is looking for volunteer gardeners and drivers.

We currently maintain many flower beds around the Borough, as well as some containers.

We work two mornings a week between 10am – 12.30pm, though any time you can give is appreciated.

Most of the gardening work involves weeding, with pruning and some planting.

Volunteer driving involves collecting tools from our Trent Park lockup, delivering to the site to be worked on, disposing of bags of green waste and returning the tools at the end of the session.

If you would like to help please ring, Mo Cross on 07982419077


5. Enfield Croquet Club:

Free Introduction Course 2016

Enfield Croquet Club is looking to recruit new members and will be holding a FREE Introduction Course, open to anyone wishing to try the game, on:

  • Wednesday 6,13 & 20 April 10.00-12.00
  • Saturday 9,16,& 23 April,10.00-12.00

All required equipment will be provided. Please wear flat-soled shoes.

Enfield Croquet Club is situated in Bush Hill Park adjacent to the tennis courts. The nearest park entrance is at the southern end of Cecil Avenue, Enfield, EN1 1PS.

To reserve a place on the course please contact:

Marian Cuckson (Club Secretary),

Phone: 07982 259789, Email:marian7447@hotmail.co.uk

For more information please visit our website at http://www.enfieldcroquet.org



Sunday 31st January saw the start of  the Artist-in-Residence ceramic displays.

Cathy Taylor, in conjunction with fellow conservatory volunteer June Dawes, will be exhibiting botanical sculptures among the plants.

The project is entitled ‘Spirals of Life’. The spirals are for the spiral patterns of growth seen in many plants – most visibly in the unfurling tree-fern fronds, and the tightly-curled banana leaves. It is also for the way pieces grow on the potter’s wheel – all this month’s pieces started off spiraling on the wheel.


A series of small botanical sculptures will be placed amongst the plants in the conservatory as follows:

From 31st January – begonia leaves

From 28th February – frond, spiral, spathe & spadix

From 27th March – bamboo and grass

From 24th April – hungry, hairy, spiky, sticky (insectivorous plants)

From 29th May – flowers, fruits & seedpods

From 12th June – spirals of life (final show including something from every month)


These will be held during Sunday opening times and open to all visitors who wish to take part but limited by the numbers fitting round the table at any one time.

28 February – Leaf making (explore various ways of making leaf shapes in clay, including taking impressions from plaster moulds or actual leaves)

24 April – Pinch pots (hand make small clay pots and shape them into seed pods, fruit or pitcher plants)

29 May – Sketching (draw the shapes you see around you in the conservatory)


Exciting news from the Conservatory:  the Thumbergia Mysorensis is flowering!

If you’d like to see this exotic vine in bloom, head for Broomfield Park on Wednesday or Sunday afternoon, between 2pm and 3pm, when the Conservatory is opened to visitors by the Friends of Broomfield Park.

As its name suggests, the Thumbergia Mysorensis is native to India, though it is also cultivated in southern Spain.  Alternative names include Mysore Trumpetvine, Indian Clock Vine, Brick and Butter Vine, Lady’s Slipper Vine and Doll’s Shoes.  You’ll understand why if you visit the Conservatory.  But be sure to get there this week, as the Thumbergia won’t be in flower for long.


Also on show for a limited season are these curious leaves nestling among the plants in the Conservatory’s rock garden. They’re actually part of the Spirals of Life exhibition.




7. Poets take up residency in the Library:


On Saturday afternoon (13th)  the group Poetry in Palmers Green will be inaugurating their time as poets in residence at Palmers Green Library with an Afternoon of Lively Readings.  Entrance is free and there will be refreshments and books for sale.



to mark the opening of our residency at Palmers Green Library

Saturday 13th February 2pm — 4pm



Readings from Maggie Butt, Katherine Gallagher,Sonia Jarema,

Mike Loveday, Cheryl Moskowitz, Myra Schneider, Christine Vial and others.


Books for Sale

A short open mike session

Entry FREE

The Community Room, Palmers Green Library

Saturday 13th February for 2pm.

Come early to book in to read a short poem from the floor

Further info:

Myra Schneider 020 8886 1329 myraRschneider@gmail.com

Katherine Gallagher 020 8881 1418

Rachel Barrett, Palmers Green Library: 020 8379 2711

More information on www.facebook.com/PoetryinPalmersGreen

Palmers Green Community Website: www.palmersgreencommunity.org.uk

Photo of Cheryl Moskowitz (top row, 2nd from left) by Caroline Forbes,

Myra Schneider (top row, 3rd from left) by Ben Schneider,

Katherine Gallagher (bottom row, 2nd from left) by Marie Hyde.

A Day of Poetry Workshops

There will be two workshops, both with limited capacity, so you’re advised to book asap.

  • 10.30am -1pm
    Myra Schneider
    Using poems, art cards, memories and our own reactions we will examine how colour can be used with effect in poetry. There will be time to start a poem.
  • 2pm – 4.30pm
    Katherine Gallagher
    Poetry is largely about transformation.  Using masks we will experiment with a range of voices and look at ‘example’ poems which take us into this different territory, leading to new work.

COST for each workshop £22 (£18 conc.)

BOOKING Advance booking only.

For more information and booking:

The Possibilities of Colour
Myra Schneider
myraRschneider@gmail.com 020 8886 1329 http://www.esch.dircon.uk

Katherine Gallagher
mail@katherine-gallagher.com 020 8881 1418  http://www.katherine-gallagher.com

For more information about Poetry in Palmers Green, read this article

Katherine Gallagher’s most recent poetry collection is Carnival Edge: New & Selected Poems (Arc Publications) and Myra Schneider’s is A Door to Colour (Enitharmon Press).  New publications are due from both this year.


8. Palmers Green Station to lose its ticket ffice?:

Written by Basil Clarke – PG Community Website.

Govia, the company behind the Great Northern and Thameslink brands, is planning to close ticket offices at Palmers Green and other stations where average ticket sales are low.  Instead, a station “host” will be available on the “concourse”, selling a limited range of “popular” tickets.  However, the plans do have a positive aspect – there would be a Host at the station from first to last train every day.

According to Govia’s “Stakeholder Manager” (PR person?), these plans would only be implemented after consultation with London Travelwatch and Transport Focus and will require approval by the Department Transport.

The affected stations (which presumably exclude non-staffed stations such as Crews Hill) will be allocated to one of three “models” depending on the number of tickets currently sold per hour.

Palmers Green, Alexandra Palace and Enfield Chase are all “Model 1” stations, Hornsey, Gordon Hill and Winchmore Hill “Model 2”.  No other local stations are mentioned in the information supplied by Govia.

 Model 1 stations

Fewer than 12 tickets per hour are sold from the ticket office at these stations. The majority of customers use ticket machines and smartcard technology so there is minimal need for a ticket office

At these stations we propose to close the ticket office windows and move people out onto the concourse as ‘Station Hosts’

Station Hosts will be

  • visible and available from first service until the last, which is longer than current ticket office hours in many cases
  • trained in customer service
  • able to sell the most popular tickets and provide information using a new handheld device
  • helping passengers use the ticket machines

So the ticket office at Palmers Green, which was completely refurbished only recently, is likely to close.

Model 2 stations, where more tickets are sold, will have a slightly different arrangement:

“At these stations we propose to relocate the ticket selling equipment to a station hosting point so the staff are available on the concourse, able to sell tickets for longer than today.”

No information is available about the difference between a “station hosting point” and ticket office or about which types of tickets will be available – for instance, whether it will be possible to book advance tickets for longer distance journeys.

Govia’s track record so far

Regular travellers on Great Northern don’t need me to tell them that cancellations and delays remain the order of the day.  The shortage of drivers inherited from First Capital Connect continues to cause cancellations during school holidays and delays are a daily occurrence.  And information about problems is not always supplied on the website, at stations or on trains – as was the case with the signal failure during the evening peak on Tuesday.

London Travelwatch has published some comments and a graph relating to Govia’s punctuality record:

Performance of the Thameslink, Great Northern and Southeastern franchises in the London & South East area

Right time is defined as less than one minute late and should not be confused with ‘on time’, as defined for Public performance measure (PPM) purposes. PPM is the percentage of planned trains which are run and which complete their journeys ‘on time’ across the whole day. Trains which complete their whole route calling at all timetabled stations are measured for punctuality at their final destination. In the case of London and South East services, a train is defined as being ‘on time’ if it arrives within five minutes of the planned arrival time. It does not include trains removed from the timetable on a planned basis.

The performance of Southern, Thameslink and Southeastern franchises is closely linked to, but not exclusively dependent on the rebuilding programme of London Bridge station and associated track works as a result of the Thameslink programme.

The chart below shows the percentage of RTA in 2014/15, from periods 6 to 10 September to December. These are compared to the national and London & South East (L&SE) averages. It shows a decline in the operators’ right time performance overall and when compared to the averages.



9. Winchmore Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team Newsletter:

 Please find attached the ward newsletter for the month of February.


10. Wren Academy at Enfield Proposal Moves Ahead:

We are delighted to announce the free school application for a new secondary school in Enfield has been approved by the Department for Education to enter the pre-opening phase. This brings closer the reality of a new school for western Enfield by September 2018. Parents of Year 3 and 4 children will have another choice when their children reach secondary transfer age.

As the free school’s proposers, Wren Academy Trust and the London Diocesan Board for Schools, will now start the detailed planning for opening the school. This includes appointing the headteacher and staff, forming the governing body and talking to parents about what the school will offer.

The school will be based on Christian values and open to the whole community whether Christians, other faiths or of no faith. The school will give preference to those living closest to it with half the places being for church-going families and the other half being ‘open’ places. We expect to start the admissions process in September 2017.

Michael Whitworth, Executive Principal of Wren Academy Trust, said, “We look forward to working with local primary schools and their parents to help develop our plans for the new school. We are confident that the special atmosphere at Wren Academy is something parents will want for Enfield. We are grateful to the hundreds of parents who supported our application and helped us get approval.”

We have suggested three possible sites for the school to the Education Funding Agency and they will be responsible for acquiring the site and building the school. Our preferred site is on Enfield Road, Oakwood where there are good transport links and a suitably large space for a new secondary school.

Wren Academy Trust & London Diocesan Board for Schools


11. Planning:

Attached is the list of Planning Applications and Decisions

for the week ending  09 02 16