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 Fldra messages 28th February
1. Message from Pinkham Way Alliance:
2. Messages via Over 50’s Forum:
3. Message from Conway Rec:

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 Fldra messages 21st February
1. Urgent Message from Pinkham Way Alliance:
2. Enfield Croquet Club:
3. Southgate District Civic Trust:
4. Planning:

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Message from “My Window Cleaner”


We want to warn all our customers that there are thieves operating in your
area! We also need your help to spread the word swiftly, especially to the
elderly and more vulnerable.

We currently have a report of a tall man in his 20’s to 30’s with mousey
blonde hair. He is polite and well spoken and will knock your door asking
for money for window cleaning. Often he catches a person who does not deal
directly with us (a husband or teenager) and gets paid.

He is very quick in responding to questions from our (and other local window
cleaner’s) customer. If asked where the usual window cleaner is he will say
‘I’m his brother in law’ or ‘He’s been ill and asked me to help out’

When approaching our own customers he has been asked why our customer did
not receive a phone call. He states ’The girl in the office is ill’ or ‘due
to cut backs we no longer phone’

We have seen these scams pop up from time to time over the past few years.
In the past our local paper has kindly run a story to warn people but now,
thanks to email we can alert you immediately. We have received the same
reports from other local window cleaning companies.

You will be as shocked as we have been to hear the stories we have hear from
his unfortunate victims. One of our customers, aged 98 and almost blind
lives in a small flat in Palmers Green. Her job is only £4, she handed over
£20 and he told her he would pop to his van to collect some change. She was
spotted standing there by her neighbour, she had been waiting over 10
minutes at the doorstep, this was during the snow!

We are sure if we work together we can bring these rogues to justice. Just a
few years ago after phoning and warning our customers we managed to help
police capture and jail a couple. Thanks to a quick witted customer calling
us immediately. Myself and our window cleaners immediately jumped in our
cars and drove around until we spotted the couple. We then dialled 999. That
day they had also gone into an elderly man’s home and stolen 2 mobile
phones. The mobile phones were found in their jackets. They received prison
sentences of 3 and 4 years respectively!

The police are already aware but have asked that anyone who is approached by
these rogues dial 999 or if the thief has already left then report the
incident to the police by dialling either 101 or 020 8366 1212

Many people have stated they do not want to bother with reporting the
incident as they have only lost £5 or £10. Sadly, this weakens the case for
the police once these rogues are caught. We think they are probably
extorting well over £150 a day from unwitting customers!

Please know our window cleaners all carry professional photo I.D cards with
our company name and logo. Unfortunately our old telephone number is on the
card. If you dial that number it will tell you our new number which is

If ever in doubt, we are completely happy for you to refuse to hand over any
money until you have spoken with myself or Barbara.

Now over to you, all we ask is that you please tell 2 or 3 people what’s
happening and ask them to spread the word too.

If this email had ended up in your junk folder please add us to your list of
safe senders to ensure you receive our future alerts.

Many thanks – Karen Perks – Managing Director

Please pass this message on to friends and neighbours.

 Fldra messages 15th February
1. Distributor Wanted:
2. Messages from Friends of Conway Rec:
3. Message from Metropolitan Police:
4. Message from Baskervilles Tea Shop:
5. Message from Broomfield Orchard:
6. Message from Palmers Green Safer Neighbourhood Team:
7. Planning:

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WEDS 13th FEBRUARY – 7.30pm


With the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) and Haringey both now referring to future planning applications at Pinkham Way, it is essential that we continue to be fully engaged with this issue.

Please also note that, although the NLWA have said they are withdrawing their first application, this has not yet happened.

With all this and more to assess, the PWA are holding a public meeting, this coming Wednesday, at Alexandra Park school.

Some of your local councillors will be there. To hear what they have to say, to better understand the new dangers for Pinkham Way, and to find out what you can do to help, please come along.

PWA Update Meeting
7.30pm on Wednesday 13 February
Alexandra Park School
NB: Please use the entrance on Rhodes Avenue (N22)
[next to front gate of Muswell Hill Golf Course]

Also, I’d like you to know that I will be stepping down as chair of Pinkham Way Alliance after nearly two years in the role. It has been a real privilege.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with such committed and talented people from across our areas, and have been so inspired by what communities can achieve when they have to act.

Together, we – the communities around Pinkham Way – have achieved so much. We’ve stopped the planning application from proceeding without an approved waste plan; we’ve stopped the redesignation of this ecologically important land as industrial; we’ve forced a rethink of the North London Waste Plan itself; and we’ve won the argument on how much waste treatment capacity is in fact required.

However, real and imminent dangers persist. I am therefore very pleased to announce that Stephen Brice will be taking over from me as Chair, with immediate effect. Stephen has been at the heart of the campaign since the outset and is a driving force behind our successes to date.

The campaign still has a long way to run, so it’s vital that Stephen can rely on your continuing support for the Pinkham Way Alliance to achieve the right outcomes for our communities.

Please come along this Wednesday and meet him for yourself. Many of you will recognise him from his tireless work on our information stalls.

Stephen will be in touch very soon; we’d like you to help us deliver a letter to Haringey Council at their full meeting on 25 February. This is the date they’ll vote to adopt their Local Plan, and we must ensure that they don’t ignore the planning inspector’s recommendations about Pinkham Way.

Kind regards,

Bidesh Sarkar
Outgoing Chair
Pinkham Way Alliance

FLDRA AGM – 6th February 2013

Thanks to all who came along to the AGM on Wednesday evening, and, in particular, many thanks to Sue Cook and Richard Mapleston who both agreed to join the Committee. With the retirement from the Committee of both Diana Day and Gill Blyth, this leaves us with a Committee of nine, still three short of the optimum number.

If you could give a little time, or know someone who could, please get in touch with Andy Barker – 020 8882 3434 –

The full committee is now as follows:

Chairman Andy Barker
Vice Chairman Barry Mathiason
Secretary Frances Carman
Treasurer Tina Mathiason
Committee Members Don Arthur
Sue Cook
Gonul Daniels
Richard Mapleston
Sue Younger
Accounts Checker Chris Brook

The full Committee details on the website will be updated in the near future.


There were a couple of resolutions raised at the AGM, both of which the members unanimously agreed to support; these were:

1. Primary School Places in the Association area – it was agreed that the FLDRA would actively campaign for increased provision and expressed regret that Walker Primary School Governors recently turned down plans and funding from Enfield Council to substantially redevelop the school.

2. Threats to peace & security in our Community – Association noted with concern reports from residents of anti-social behaviour and police investigations into drug dealing at a housing project operated on behalf of Enfield Council at 2 Derwent Rd. N13. Association to seek urgent meetings and clarification of Enfield policy to determine implications for Derwent Rd. and the area covered by the Association.

Chairman’s Report for 2012:

The full transcript of the Chairman’s Report for 2012  is here AGM – Feb 13 – Report on 2012 and is included separately on the website.

If there are any issues you wish to discuss, please contact Andy Barker, Chairman as soon as possible.

FLDRA Messages 7th February

1. Planning

Attached is the list of Planning Applications and Decisions

for the week ending 5th February 2013. FLDRA Web list 5 Feb 13

FLDRA AGM – Wednesday 6th February – 7.45pm – Burford Hall, Burford Gardens, N13.


* Chairman’s Opening Remarks and Report for 2012

* Election of Officers (including Accounts Checker) & Committee

* Finance – Review of audited accounts for 2012

* Planning Applications
* Local Scene:- Lakes Estate Conservation Group
– Broomfield House
– Palmers Green Regeneration Project
– Broomfield Community Orchard
– Friends of Broomfield Park
– Trees
– Traffic Matters

Break for Refreshments ———————————-

* Membership

* Safer Neighbourhood

* Neighbourhood Watch

* Social Issues

* Correspondence

* FERAA/Area Forums/CAPE Meetings

* Priorities for 2013 – including suggestions for speakers

a. Resolution regarding primary school places in Association area (two)

b. Resolution regarding ‘Peace & Security in Association area’

* Date of next meeting – Wednesday 10 April at 7.45 pm (speaker Ralph Hutchings)

* Any other business

Next Meeting

FLDRA General Meeting & Summer Social
Burford Main Hall
Wednesday 24 June 2017

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