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 Fldra messages 30th September
1. Bush Hill Park, Grange & Winchmore Hill Wards – Area Forum:
2. Protect your local NHS:

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The application for the development of the Bourne Car Park by the erection of 1 x 3-bed detached and 2 x 3-bed semi-detached dwellings came before the Planning Committee yesterday evening (25th September).

Residents of neighbouring properties and representatives of the Meadway Conservation Area attended the meeting. We spoke against the proposed development, as did Councillor Robert Hayward (Southgate), the Conservation Advisory Group and Councillors on the Committee.

Despite this, and despite some cogent and realistic arguments against the application, the result was a seven to six vote of approval for the application.

Once again, as with many Planning Committee decisions, the voting came down to a purely political split. This is nothing new and has happened many times, with this and previous administrations. Unfortunately, there is little we can do about this until such times as these Committees are independent (I know – ‘pie in the sky’ thinking’).

Part of the problem is that this is a very big Borough and the Councillors on the Committee are obviously often not particularly au fait with the sites of planning applications and the issues surrounding them, and rely entirely upon the Council’s Officers reports.

We did ask that a site visit be made before any decision was made; however this was ignored entirely.

Andy Barker


 Fldra messages 25th September
1. Local Road Works:
2. Broomfield House – message from ‘Broomfield House Project Group’
3. Message from Enfield Council:
4. Message from David Burrowes MP:

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Health and Well Being Day - Friday 12th October 2012 10am - 2pm



Emma Kirkby and NLWA ‘Research’





Emma Kirkby and Jakob Lindberg return – concert on October 7th

Tickets are now available for another fantastic Dame Emma Kirkby fundraising recital on 7th October, but first… we’ve had reports that the North London Waste Authority have been conducting so-called research local to the Pinkham Way site.

1. North London Waste Authority telephone survey

Residents local to Pinkham Way have been receiving research phone calls from an agency working for the North London Waste Authority (NLWA).

Attached is the list of Planning Applications and Decisions

for the week ending 18th September 2012. FLDRA Weblist 18 Sept 12

 Fldra messages 20th September
1. Planning Application for 3 x Houses – Bourne Car Park:
2. Delay to re-routing of W9 bus:
3. Health Seminars:


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Attached is the list of Planning Applications and Decisions

for the week ending 11th September 2012. FLDRA Weblist 11 Sept 12

 Fldra messages 13th September
1. Message from Enfield Council re. Tree Removal Fox Lane & Caversham Avenue:
2. Message from Friends of Conway Rec:
3. Planning Application Hearing – Bourne Car Park, N14:

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After years of difficulty we believe we have turned a corner and are now working closely with the Council on a joint proposal to restore the House, Baroque Water gardens and Stable Yard. We are embarking on two main funding applications from the Heritage Lottery Fund – one for the House and one for the Stable yard and Gardens.  The first one is due for submission on the 22nd of October and focuses on the House.  In support of this activity, we have put together an online survey to enable people to review the outline plan (please see following document) and comment on what they would like to see in the project. 

We have received over 100 responses to our survey so far, from the people who visited our stand at the Palmers Green Festival on the 2nd of September.  We want to try and increase this number through the use of this on-line survey tool. 

Please have a look at the survey  it should only take a few minutes to complete.

We hope you’ll agree that this proposal is a much better solution than housing in the park. We are pleased to note that the Housing proposal plans that were displayed on the side of the House have been taken down, demonstrating the Council’s change of attitude in support of the community’s proposal.

In case you don’t know about the BHPG, and who the "we" used liberally above are, we are a joint Friends of Broomfield Park and The Broomfield House Trust team, along with individuals from other local groups.  We came together after Enfield Council invited individuals and groups to discuss the way ahead for Broomfield House. Much of the work on the proposal has necessarily been done within this group and the Council, but we have had one open meeting in Ruth Winston House and two "meet the public" events in Broomfield Park where the project was publicised and views sought. This is another stage in the process.
The next open meeting is set for 7.30 on 20 September at Ruth Winston House. Please come along!

The Broomfield House Trust & Friends of Broomfield Park

Summary Plans for the Restoration and Community Use of:

Broomfield House and Stable Yard – September 2012

Many of us have fond memories of times spent at Broomfield House in the past. We recall the museum exhibits, the Lanscroon murals, and enjoying tea with our friends at the café. Sadly, others have only seen the House enclosed in scaffolding, as it has remained since it was destroyed by fires over 20 years ago.

Finding the substantial capital required to restore the House in the current climate is not an easy task. We are pleased to report however, that there is a renewed effort to do so. Enfield Council, together with members of The Broomfield House Trust and Friends of Broomfield Park are working on a proposal to try to secure financial support from the UK Heritage Lottery Fund to restore the House for community purposes. The intent is to submit a proposal to the Parks for People Lottery Fund at a later date to revitalise the Stable Yard and Baroque Gardens. Additional funding will also be needed from other sources to ensure the viability of the project.

The purpose of this leaflet is to give you an overview of some of the ideas under consideration. The intent is to restore the House as faithfully as possible to its nineteenth century appearance, without the mock Tudor facade which was added in the 1930s.

Project Objectives

1) To restore Broomfield House in keeping with its heritage and re-open it to the public;

2) To restore the Stable Yard, creating artist studios, business incubators, an educational centre and a kitchen garden;

3) To restore the historic and rare Baroque water gardens;

4) To ensure the project’s viability through an appropriate balance of income generation activities, events and free public access;

5) To inform people about the House’s unique heritage, the region and the environment by providing interpretive information;

6) To establish a café on the ground floor of the House, with an adjoining outdoor patio;

7) To develop and promote the House as a venue for family parties, wedding services, room hire and events;

8) To develop educational activities linked to the national curriculum with local schools;

9) To create a Heritage Learning Centre and Community Hub with a rolling programme of events and learning opportunities;

10) To engage actively with the local Community at all stages of the project; and

11) To provide volunteer / training and apprenticeship opportunities, e.g., in heritage.

Sustainable Income

In order for the project to be sustainable in the long run, and to ensure free access to the House and heritage displays, we need to identify activities with long term income earning potential. Here are some of the current ideas:

­ A café on the ground floor of the House providing a range of healthy, affordable food and drinks; possibly including a gift shop too. All profit to be rolled back into the House.

­ Room hire by the community / businesses / families and / or individuals for meetings, parties, etc. at different price points.

­ Wedding ceremony venue, potential also for small receptions.

­ Events – examples include:

– Family friendly: puppet shows, craft workshops, music and movement, children’s films;

– Community: cultural events and exhibitions celebrating our diverse community;

– Adults: Small classical music shows, talks, learning workshops, fitness classes.

­ Small business units for lease in the Stable Block with shared business resources and support.

­ Rental income from Professional Tenant in the Stable Block, e.g., voluntary sector organization.

­ Education Grants: we intend to bid for funding to support education / creative projects targeted at young

people who might otherwise not have access to such opportunities.

­ Lease of Artist Studios: (in the Stable Yard) to local designers and artists, periodically open to public for viewing.

­ Art Exhibitions: by local and visiting artists with sales commission fees accruing to the House

We Need Your Support

Time is running out! Broomfield House is a significant Heritage resource as indicated by its Grade II* listed status. The remaining structure is at risk of further deterioration.

The House was open to the public from 1903 until 1984 when it was destroyed. It has the potential to be restored and re-opened as an even greater Community asset than before.

Restoring Broomfield House and the Stable Yard will restore the heart of the park and add to the experience of a day out in Broomfield Park. It will help improve our local area, and bring new business to Palmers Green.

If you have other ideas or are interested in supporting the project please get in touch.

There are lots of opportunities to get involved. We are particularly interested in hearing from people with the following skills: website development, teaching, heritage, legal skills, fundraising, digital media, publishing and / or publicity experience.

If you think you can help in any capacity then please contact us at:

Thank you from Laki Marangos, Secretary of the Friends of Broomfield Park, Roger Blows, Secretary of The Broomfield House Trust and all the Team working to restore Broomfield House

Next Meeting

FLDRA General Meeting & Summer Social
Burford Main Hall
Wednesday 24 June 2017

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